Add a new split ring to geometry.

Inline mode usage:

  • splitRing -h: Display a help message.
  • splitRing -n name -p centerX centerY centerZ minorRadius majorRadius openingAngle openingDirection: Creates a new split ring.

Interactive mode usage:

The following steps will be needed in order to create a new split ring.

  1. Select center [x y z]: Center point of the ring.
  2. Minor radius [double]: Inner radius of the ring.
  3. Major radius [double]: Outer radius of the ring.
  4. Opening angle [degrees]: The angle of aperture of the opening, in degrees.
  5. Opening direction [degrees]: Angle, in degrees, that determines the direction the openings are facing in. An angle of zero degrees means the openings will be facing in the direction of the Y axis. Larger angles will be interpreted as counter-clockwise rotations.

Remark The opening angle MUST be between 0 and 180.


Figure 1. splitRing example