This command draws a closed or open cone.

Inline mode usage:

cone -h
Displays the help file that summarizes the parameters for this command.
cone –n <name> -p <center_x> <center_y> <center_z> <radius_bottom> <height> <radius_top> <height>
Draws an open cone (no surfaces for the bottom and top bases) with the specified parameters.
cone –c –n <name> -p <center_x> <center_y> <center_z> <radius_bottom> <height> <radius_top> <height>
Draws a closed cone with the specified parameters.
Interactive mode usage:
cone (only the shell (lateral surface) is drawn) or cone –c (caps of the cone as a solid model).
  • Center point of the base, specified in "x y z" format: x y z.
  • Bottom radius: radius_bottom.
  • Height of the cone: height.
  • Top radius: radius_top.
> cone -c
Select center [x y z]: 0 1 0
Set bottom radius: 5
Set height: 4
Set top radius: 3


Figure 1. Resulting cone