List of Commands Ordered by Functionality

The next table represents an exhaustive list of the commands supported in newFASANT. These commands are ordered by the function they perform.

Category Commands


bentDipoles: Generates a pair of bent dipoles.

capacitance: Generates a capacitance-shaped surface.

circularHole: Generates a plane with a circular hole in it.

cornerpoints: Generates a surface from 3 or 4 given points

cross: Draws a cross-like surface.

crossHole: Generates a plane with a cross-shaped hole in it.

disk: Draws a circular surface.

hexagon: Generated a solid hexagonal surface.

hyperboloid: Draws a hyperboloid.

interdigitalLines: Generates a stripline interdigital filter.

openRing: Generates a ring-shaped surface with an opening.

paraboloid: Draws a paraboloid.

plane: Draws a plane.

rebuildSurface: Rebuilds the selected surface.

ring: Generates a ring-shaped surface.

spiralCross: Generates a spiral-shaped cross surface.

splitRing: Generates a ring-shaped surface with two symmetrically located openings.

spiralCross: Generates a hollow cross-shaped surface.

stripHexagon: Generates a hollow hexagonal surface.

stripTrifilar: Generates a hollow trifilar surface.

surfacesurface: Creates a surface with control points.

surfaceEdges: Generates the bound curves of the surface selected.

surfaceEllipse: Generates a solid ellipse surface.

surfaceFunction: Creates a surface with three functions that define points in Cartesian coordinates.

surfaceInterpolation: Creates a surface that goes through a set of points specified by the user.

surfaceIsoparamCurve: Extracts an isoparametric curve of the selected surface.

surfaceSpiral: Generates a surface-spiral from its center.

tCross: Generates a cross with T-shaped segments.

trifilar: Generates a cross with three segments.

rectangularHole: Generates a plane with a rectangular hole in it.

threeDipoles: Generates three straight dipoles.

threeDipolesUnion: Generates three, joined, straight dipoles.


box: Draws a box.

cone: Draws a cone.

cylinder: Draws a cylinder.

ellipsoid: Draws an ellipsoid.

ogive: Draws a tangent ogive.

flare: Draws a flare.

sphere: Draws a sphere.

torus: Draws a torus.


meshFromSurfaces: Groups NURBS surfaces in mesh (degree one and untrimnurbs).

meshToSurfaces: Explodes mesh object in NURBS surfaces.

Geometric operations

array: Copies objects in each of the directions of the axes.

arrayOnSurface: This option creates an array from planar elements conformed to the selected surface.

coons: Creates a coons patch through a selected loop of curves.

copy: Copies the selected objects from start to end points.

delete: Deletes objects on screen.

duplicate: Creates a copy of the selected objects at the same position.

explode: Explodes the selected objects on screen. This generates an specific number of surfaces.

extendHole: Extends a hole created by a surface and a loop of curves.

extrude: Creates a surface by sweeping a curve along a vector.

extrudeNormal: Creates an object by sweeping the selected surfaces along their normal vectors.

extrudeSurface: Creates an object by sweeping a surface along a vector.

group: Groups a set of surfaces into a single object.

invertNormals: Inverts the normal vectors of curves and surfaces.

localTransform: Transforms a object or more objects (assuming they are designed with respect to the absolute coordinate system) to the coordinate system defined by the current reference plane.

move: Moves objects by applying a translation vector.

pipe: Creates a circular cross-section tube that surrounds the selected curve.

revolve: Creates a surface by revolving a curve an specific number of degrees around a rotational axis.

rotate: Rotates objects a certain angle using a start point and an end point.

scale: Scales objects with a specific scale factor regarding the reference plane or ignoring it.

scale1D: Scales only one of the X, Y or Z dimension of objects with a specific scale factor regarding the reference plane or ignoring it.

scale2D: Scales two of the X, Y or Z dimensions of objects with a specific scale factor regarding the reference plane or ignoring it.

scale3D: Scales the three X, Y or Z dimension of objects with a specific scale factor regarding the reference plane or ignoring it.

scaleNonUniform: Scales the three X, Y or Z dimension of objects with a specific scale factor for each dimension regarding the reference plane or ignoring it.

skinned: Interpolates a surface through the given curves.

surfaceEdges: Creates a surface defined by a closed boundary loop of curves.

symmetric: Reflects objects with respect a plane of symmetry.

trim: Trims a surface using a curve.

untrim: Undoes trim operations.

Interface operations

axis: Changes the configuration of the display axes.

exit: Exits the application.

export: Exports geometry file (NUR, IGES, DXF, MSH, NAS…).

import: Imports geometry file (NUR, IGES, DXF, MSH, NAS…).

rename: Rename object from an actual name to a new name.

script: Loads script and execute it or save history to script.

Parameter operations

set: Assigns a set of values to a parameter.

unset: Undeclares a parameter.

Boolean operations

booleanInside: Regions of an object inside another one

booleanIntersection: AND operation between two objects

booleanOutside: Regions of an object outside another one

booleanSplit: Split two objects

booleanDifference: Difference operation between two objects

booleanUnion: OR operation between two objects

booleanXOR: XOR operation between two objects

planarSurface: Generates planar surfaces for closed loops of curves.

splitByProjection: Split surfaces with the projection of the curves.

splitCurves: Splits between all selected curves.

splitSurfaces: Splits between surfaces or by curves.

splitSurfaceByIsoparam: Split a surface by an isoparametric line.

splitSurfaceByIsoparamGrid: Split a surface by a grid of isoparametric lines.