Move, Mirror, and Scale Shapes

The Move, Mirror, and Scale tools all support shapes as a valid entity type.

The following are available in the options menu () when working with shapes:

Apply only
Apply the shapes to the model in their new positions.
Apply & append
Apply the shapes to the model, and add the applied shape to the original shape(s).
Apply & replace
Apply the shapes to the model, and replace the original shape(s) with the applied shape.
Apply & create
Apply the shapes to the model, and create a new shape for each applied shape.
Create new
Create a new shape for each applied shape, but do not apply those shapes.
The envelope is the range of influence that a copied shape will have on the new mesh. Specify an envelope range if the auto-envelope size does not reach all the nodes you wish to be morphed.
Use constraints
When active, Morph Constraints are respected while applying the shapes; when inactive, they are ignored.

In addition, you can use the Map to all checkbox on the guide barto choose between applying the shapes to all nodes/elements in the model, or only the nodes/elements you specify with the selector.

Tip: You can also scale a shape uniformly by clicking in the Edit Shapes dialog. Enter a negative number to move the shape in the inverse direction.