stitch HL

Stitch HL is a unique type of Connector as it can only be Absorbed as an Analysis type Connector. It can be used to define a weld between 2D-2D, 2D-3D, and 3D-3D. These Analysis Connectors cannot be Unrealised or Realised, only Updated.
Figure 1.

It is intended for identifying Stitch welds within an existing model and creating sets to define the Heat Affected Zones (HAZ), as well as define the details according to the standard: EN 15085 3.
Figure 2.

The HAZ is defined through a EL2MAT set of the Elements that lie within the tolerance. In the situation where there are cross over welds, the weld connecting a Part with the lowest Yield Stress will contain the elements. In the situation where there isn’t a Yield Stress, or both are the same Material/Yield Stress, the longer of the Connectors will then use the elements.
Figure 3.