Beam (Contact)

This realization creates beam elements between the shells and/or solid elements, connecting them using a contact definition.

Figure 1. Beam (Contact) Realization Example

Figure 2. Beam (Contact) Realization Example


Specifies how many contacts will be created depending on the number of links.
One contact per connector (single contact), one contact per link pair and one contact per link are the available options.
Single Contact
Specifies if the property created will be automatic or the sets will be user specified.
If one contact per connector (single contact) is chosen, then the user can optionally enter the contact sets manually.
Card Image
Specifies the card image to be used in the contact definition(s).
The card image can be either ContactSpotweld or NodeToSurface.

Property and Material

Material Card Image
Defines the card image of the material(s) created.
Can be either MATL100 or MATL196.

Legacy Realizations

The following realizations are replaced by Beam (Contact):
  • mat100
  • mat196
  • HC beam spotweld
  • HC glue
  • HC glue structural adhesives
  • HC welding line
  • HC hemming