Writing Road Models

User Written Tire models are implemented as user subroutines that compute the tire forces and moments, and the user road model is implemented as a subroutine that computes the road height at a given point.

The user written road models are called by the tire model. The calling function needs to conform to the TYDEX standard in order for it to work with the User tire interface. This function is loaded into memory and passed to the tire model which is responsible for calling the road function.

A user written road is identified by parsing the road property file and looking into the ‘METHOD’ attribute in the ‘MODEL’ block (see the example road property file below):
METHOD                            = ‘USER’
FUNCTION_NAME         =  '<library_name>::<function_name>'

Once the user written road model is identified, the FUNCTION_NAME attribute is parsed and the library_name is the dynamic library (without file extension) where the user written TYDEX compatible function (function_name) can be found.