Output Requests

The powertrain has a set of output requests which gives information about the states and the outputs of the powertrain with time. They can be accessed by the Request Subroutine POWERTRAIN_REQ with the parameter value of 1, 2, or 3.

Throttle requests

Parameter value = 1
Component Name Description
X Modulated Throttle The throttle that is applied to the engine after the modulation from the anti-stall system and rev limiter.
Y Input Throttle The original throttle signal that is applied to the model.
Z *Reserved* For future use.
RX Throttle mod indicator If the signal value is 1 then the rev-limiter is cutting the throttle, if it is -1 then the anti-stall system is modulating the throttle, 0 otherwise.

Clutch Requests

Parameter value = 2
Table 1.
Component Name Description
X Clutch Slip The clutch slip state.
Y Clutch Slip rate The derivative of the clutch slip state.
Z Clutch Torque The final clutch torque seen at the other end of the powertrain.

Engine Requests

Parameter value = 3
Table 2.
Component Name Description
X Engine Speed The engine speed state.
Y Engine RPM The engine speed state in RPM.
Z Engine Torque The torque produced by the engine.
RX Engine Speed Derivative The derivative of the engine speed state.