Analyze the Springback of a Formed Shape

Analyze the elasto-plastic stress gradients that build up across the surface of a blank during forming and cause the blank to bounce back and deviate from the desired shape.

  1. From the ribbon, click the Add operation icon.
  2. From the Add Operation window that appears, select Springback.
    The Springback operation is added to the Tryout ribbon.
    Note: By default, the software automatically identifies the part in your model for the springback analysis.
  3. Click the Springback operation.
    Click to add Reference, Constraint, Clamps, Pins, or Gravity tools.
  4. Configure the selected tools for the Springback operation.
  5. Optional: Right-click the Springback tool, then select Explicit to change to Explicit springback analysis mode. The tool uses Implicitspringback analysis mode by default.
Figure 1. Model Set Up to Analyze Springback of the Formed Shape