Auto Configure Tools

Automatically build and configure the tools for standard forming operations.

The Auto Configure feature is available for standard forming operations that include a default tool set. If you modify an operation by adding or removing tools from the default set, Auto Configure becomes inactive and the icon is grayed out.
  1. On an operation that you've added to your analysis, click the Auto Configure icon: .
  2. On the guide bar, select the Build Tools option.
  3. Click to confirm or on the guide bar click Auto configure.
    The Build tools option automatically builds the tools in your model when you add or replace a forming operation. The tools are built based on an automatically-identified primary tool component.
    Note: In addition to the Build tools option, Automatic tool positioning is available in the Preferences and is selected by default. This setting automatically positions the tools and blank in a model after a forming operation is added and the associated tool set is identified either manually or automatically.