Generate Report

Generate a Microsoft Word report that contains the project name, date and an exported image of each result with a title indicating the result type.

Generate a report by clicking Project > Report Generator > Generate Result Report.
Figure 1. An example of an exported Microsoft Word report.
Figure 2. The Export results to Microsoft Word document dialog.

Filename for the report
Browse to the location where the report will be saved.
Map view
The aspect ratio of the map view is fixed and cannot be modified. You can either adapt the resolution or define a scale for the resulting bitmap. When using the scaled export, the resolution in dpi is set to the resolution of the screen (for example, 96 dpi). Additionally, the scale in the map view can be exported to the bitmap.
Note: Incorrect scale sizes may result in large bitmap files.
Legend view
The legend view can also be exported. The legend can either be saved to a separate file or in the same file as the map view. The height in pixels of the exported legend will be the same height as of the main bitmap.