Parallel Processing

Use parallel MPI processes to solve a problem efficiently using the standard ray tracing model (SRT).

Note: Only Intel MPI is supported (both Microsoft Windows and Linux).

How to Set Up Parallel MPI Processes

  1. Configure the Altair Feko environment by running initfeko.

    The initfeko.bat (batch file on Windows) and initfeko (bash shell script on Unix / Linux) scripts are executed from a terminal to configure the Feko environment. From this environment, the Feko applications can be launched without using their full path.

    The command line parameters for initfeko are as follows:
    Verbose mode (prints some information output).
    Shows additional debug output while setting the environment.
    Timeout on error (default is to wait for user).
    Mode to setup a complete standalone Feko terminal.1
  2. Run WinProp MPI as follows:
    mpiexec -n number_of_mpi_processes path/to/WinPropCLI.impi -F path/to/ -A --multi-threading number_of_threads
    For example:
    mpiexec -n 2 D:/Programs/Altair/2024.0/feko/bin/WinPropCLI.impi -F  D:/home/user/wt_qad/src/wp/validate/data/mpi-test/Conversion_xodr_idb/ -A --multi-threading 4

For more details refer to the Intel MPI documentation in the mpi\win64\intel-mpi\doc directory of the Altair Feko installation.

How to Specify the Number of MPI Processes Per Host

To run on multiple hosts, the following command can be used:
mpiexec -machinefile path/to/machinefile -n number_of_mpi_processes path/to/WinPropCLI.impi -F path/to/ -A --multi-threading number_of_threads
where machinefile contains the host details listed as follows:
It is also possible to specify the number of MPI processes to use per host as:
1 Note that -console is also supported