Import and Export

ProMan offers the possibility to import and export data from and to various formats. Besides project data generated with other prediction or network planning (RNP) tools, measurement and prediction data can be imported into ProMan as well. All results generated with ProMan can be exported to several data formats. Wave propagation and radio network planning projects created with ProMan can be exported to ASCII files. All currently available import and export filters of ProMan are listed below.

Import Filters

  • Project data:
    • MSI Planet (and Siemens Tornado)
    • Agilent Wizard
  • Site and transmitter data:
    • CSV (comma-separated values) file
    • TRX or a NET file
  • Measurement data:
    • ASCII file
  • Prediction data:
    • ASCII file

Export Filters

  • Project as ZIP archive
  • Air interface properties:
    • Wireless standard file
  • Site and transmitter data:
    • CSV (comma-separated values) file
    • TRX file
  • Prediction data:
    • Bitmap (screenshot)
    • Geo-referenced bitmap
    • Google Earth™ overlay data
    • Drawing interchange format
    • Extensible markup language (XML)
    • ASCII file
    • ASC grid
    • Export prediction data along a polyline

All filters support the export of the whole predicted simulation area as well as the export of an arbitrary zoomed area.

Besides exporting prediction data of a user-defined simulation area with the export filters listed above, it is also possible to export prediction results along with an arbitrary defined polygonal line.