Run From Command Line

ProMan can be started with additional arguments passed in the command line to load and execute existing projects automatically.

The first required parameter, which has to be passed to the command line is the path and the name of the ProMan project file to be loaded. Afterwards, the prediction mode has to be specified. Further parameters are optional and can be passed in an arbitrary order.

The basic syntax of the command line mode:
ProMan.exe “C:\” 
Table 1. Mandatory parameters to include when using the command line.
Mandatory Parameter Description
-p Compute wave propagation prediction
-m Compute mobile station prediction using RunMS.
-n Compute network prediction
-a Compute wave propagation, followed by RunMS (if enabled) and network prediction.
Note: Only one computation mode can be considered at a time. If none or several are selected, wave propagation prediction is selected automatically.

The following parameters can be added optionally:

Table 2. Optional parameters to include when using the command line.
Optional Parameters Description
-fa Filter prediction results during computation based on arithmetic mean.
-d20 Limit dynamic in antenna patterns of base stations, for example, to 20 dB.
-l Write computation log file.
-c Close application after the task(s) are completed successfully.
-t Post-process the mobile station using RunMS and include additional transmitter settings in a .mic file.
Note: This option requires propagation results to be available.
  • If no .mic file is specified, the existing .mic file is used. The default .mic file has the same file name as the project. For example:
  • Specify a .mic file if you want to apply customised settings that are different from the default settings of the project. For example:
    -t ConfigurationFile.mic