Default Shortcut Keys

View the default shortcut keys available for ProMan for faster and easier operation.

Keyboard shortcut keys help you to save time accessing actions that you perform regularly.
Shortcut Key Description
F5 Propagation: compute all
Alt+F5 Propagation: compute selected
Ctrl+F5 Propagation: compute modified
F6 Propagation including mobile station: compute all
Alt+F6 Propagation including mobile station: compute selected
Shift+F6 Propagation post-processing including Tx and Rx
F7 Network simulation: compute all
Alt+F7 Network simulation: compute selected
Ctrl+N New project
Ctrl+O Open project
Ctrl+Shift+O Open result
Ctrl+D Open database
Ctrl+S Save project
Alt+Ctrl+S Save project as
Ctrl+Shift+S Save result
Alt+Ctrl+Shift+S Save result as
Ctrl+B Export bitmap
Alt+Ctrl+X Export ASCII (all)
Alt+Ctrl+O Import data
Alt+Ctrl+F4 Close project
Alt+F4 Exit ProMan
Ctrl+R Reset window
Ctrl+Z Zoom window
Shift+Num + Zoom in
Shift+Num - Zoom out
Shift+Num * Former zoom window
Alt+M Move window
Ctrl+Shift+Num 8 Move window North by 20%
Ctrl+Shift+Num 2 Move window South by 20%
Ctrl+Shift+Num 6 Move window East by 20%
Ctrl+Shift+Num 4 Move window West by 20%
Ctrl+Num 8 Move window North by 5%
Ctrl+Num 2 Move window South by 5%
Ctrl+Num 6 Move window East by 5%
Ctrl+Num 4 Move window West by 5%
Alt+Num 8 North
Alt+Num 2 South
Alt+Num 6 East
Alt+Num 4 West
Ctrl+3 3D display
F8 Presentation plot
Ctrl+W Show all propagation paths for pixel on mouse move
Ctrl+U Show all propagation paths for pixel individually
Ctrl+K Delete all propagation paths on display
Alt+Ctrl+I Display Channel Impulse Response (CIR)
Spacebar Toggle selection of selected rays on the Propagation Paths dialog.
Ctrl+E Edit data
Ctrl+F Change-edit value
Alt+Ctrl+E Increase numbers of columns and lines
Alt+Ctrl+R Change resolution
Alt+1 Add data value (file, linear)
Alt+2 Add data value (file, delog, incoherent)
Alt+Shift+2 Add data value (file, delog, coherent)
Alt+3 Add data constant (linear)
Alt+4 Subtract data value (file, linear)
Alt+5 Subtract data value (file, delog, incoherent)
Alt+Shift+5 Subtract data value (file, delog, coherent)
Alt+6 Subtract data constant (linear)
Alt+7 Combine data: maximum value
Alt+8 Combine data: mean value
Alt+9 Combine data: minimum value
Alt+Ctrl+E Modify geometry of data: increase number of columns and lines
Alt+Ctrl+R Modify geometry of data: Change resolution
Alt+Ctrl+F Filter data in area
Alt+Ctrl+M Smooth data in area
Alt+C Change legend (continuous/discrete)
Alt+F3 Edit material properties
Alt+Ctrl+I Channel Impulse Response
Alt+Ctrl+L Display values along a line: Draw line with mouse
Alt+Ctrl+T Display values along a line (from transmitter): Draw line with mouse
Alt+Ctrl+A Save values in ASCII-file
Ctrl+G Compute distance
Ctrl+I Information
Shift+F4 Open global settings
F4 Open local settings
Shift+F8 Load local settings
Ctrl+F8 Save local settings
Ctrl+Shift+F8 Save local settings as...
Alt+F8 Copy local settings to all documents
Ctrl+F4 Close window
Alt+F10 Cascade windows
Alt+F11 Tile windows (horizontally)
Alt+Ctrl+F11 Tile windows (vertically)
Alt+F12 Arrange symbols
F1 Open the WinProp User Guide.
At+F1 About ProMan