Export to ASC Grid

Export prediction results to ASCII file.

Prediction results can be exported to ASC Grid files, click File > Export > Export Data (Area) > Export ASC Grid.

The first six lines indicate the reference of the grid, followed by the values listed in the order they would naturally appear (left-right, top-down).
  • ncols and nrows are the numbers of rows and columns, respectively (represented as integers)
  • xllcorner and yllcorner are the eastern / longitude (left) x-coordinate and northern / latitude (bottom) y-coordinates (represented as real numbers with an optional decimal point)
  • cellsize refers to the resolution of the grid
  • NODATA_value is the value that is regarded as missing or not applicable
  • The remainder of the file lists the raster values for each cell, starting at the upper-left corner. These are real numbers and are delimited using a single space character or a tab.

The following example shows an ASC Grid export in tabular format:

Figure 1. Example of an ASC grid export in tabular format.