Net Topology

This item checks whether the topology required for design is used.

In the Multi Load system, it is required to use a specific topology according to the technology. For example, only Tree Topology is allowed in DDR2 system, and FLY-BY Topology is allowed in DDR3.
  • Item: Fill out the item name. This will be written in the report for reference.
  • Net: Select target net groups.
  • Start Comp: Sets the component from which the topology starts.
  • Exclude Comp: Select the component group to be excluded.
  • Test Options
    • Tree Topology: Checks whether the current design uses Tree-Topology.
    • Daisy-chain: Checks whether the current design uses Daisy-Chain Topology.
    • Ignore stub length of last load: When checking the daisy-chain topology, the branch of the last load is not checked.