GND Isolation

The high-speed design open requires ground isolation in order to reduce noisy ground loops which can lead to system lockup. Those ground pins should be isolated from other grounds and connected to the main ground plane directly. The main ground plane is the ground plane which has the widest copper area.

This rule checks whether the ground to be isolated is properly designed.
  • Item: Input item name.
  • Check Pins: Select a target pin list. Isolated ground is required.
    • Click the required component group from the Component Group List.
    • Click the arrow. All components that belong to that group are listed on the right.
    • Select required pins and click OK to close this dialog.
  • Major GND-Count: Specify the number of main ground layer. The DFE assigns the main ground layer by ground copper area in order.
  • GND Isolation: DFE checks that the listed pins connection is isolated from other ground.
  • Via Location: DFE checks that the listed pins are connected to the main ground directly.
  • Distance: The maximum distance between Ground via and pin pad. The default value is 0.2 mm.