Confirm Net Group

This option helps engineers to visually differentiate specific classes of nets or net groups from the rest of nets, and identify nets with more or less than the specified number of connected components.

  • Find Ungrouped Nets: DFE finds out signals which do not belong to any Net Group.
  • Item: Input item name.
  • Net: Select a target net group.
  • Net Coloring: Color assigns method:
    • Different Color: If multiple net is selected, different net groups will have different colors.
    • Same Color: Nets in the same net group will have the same color in report.
    • Default Color: PollEx PCB’s default coloring method will be used.
  • Component Quantity Check: Check component quantity of each net.
    • Component Quantity Check(Per Net):
    • Check Type: Component count checks criteria. (Min/Max)
    • Quantity: Specify the minimum or maximum numbers of component.
    • Exclude Component: The component excluded during component counting.
  • Unoccupied Net Group Check: Check if any signal group has no signal in it.
  • Solder Resist Open Check: Check if any trace is exposed without solder resist near board edge.
    • Solder Resist Open Check:
    • Check object: Specify check object. (Trace/Copper/Via and Others)
    • Check Area: Specify check range from board outline.
  • Net Existence Check: This option checks if any net exists in the specified layer or not.
    • Layers: Select target layer for net existence test.
    • Net Combination: DFE will check the existence of nets which are defined in specified net group.
      • AND: All nets of net group should be exist on specific layer.
      • OR: Any one net of net group should be exist on specific layer.

Examples of Net Grouping for Visual Inspection

Nets can be grouped for visual inspection by:
  • Electrical function.
  • Number of connected pins.
  • Nets connected to different components.
  • Nets within different regions on PCB.