Convert Morph Volumes

Use the Morph Volumes: Convert tool to convert morph volumes to hexahedral elements and convert hexas to morph volumes.

Note: Converting complex morph volumes to hexa elements will generally result in the loss of some edge detail, because hexas can only have (at most) one edge node. This means that morph volumes with more than one node or handle along their edges will be approximated with a single node between the corner handles. Morph volumes are always converted into second order hexas, whether or not they include such extra handles.
  1. From the Morph ribbon, click the Morph Volumes > Convert tool.
    Figure 1.

  2. Select Morph volumes/Hex elements to convert.
  3. Optional: When converting hex elements into morph volumes, you can complete the following steps.
    1. Click from the guide bar to specify the behavior for automatically registering enclosed connectors.
      • All connectors: automatically register all enclosed connectors (displayed or undisplayed) when creating new morph volumes.
      • Display connectors: automatically register displayed enclosed connectors only when creating new morph volumes. Undisplayed connectors will be unaffected even if enclosed by the new morph volumes.
      • Do not register any connectors: connectors are not automatically registered to new morph volumes.
    2. Select the Register nodes inside mvols check box to automatically assign each of the nodes located within a new morph volume to that volume.
    3. Use the microdialog to specify the required number of handles along the morph volume edge and enforce tangency between morph volumes.
      Note: If tangency is selected, a continuous tangency condition will be applied across adjacent edges for the new morph volumes. Tangency ensures smooth morphing between morph volumes.

      Tangency conditions can extend across multiple morph volumes, meaning that handle movements at one end of the morph volume matrix can potentially affect every morph volume.

  4. From the guide bar, click Convert.