Load/Save Morph Volumes

Use the Morph Volumes: Convert tool to load or save morph volumes from or to a file.

  1. From the Morph ribbon, click the Load/Save satellite tool from the Morph Volumes tool group.
    Figure 1.

  2. Select either Save or Load.
  3. Specify the file name and path.
  4. If saving, select which morph volumes to save.
  5. If saving, select the Save shapes check box to save any shapes which move the selected morph volume corners or midhandles.
  6. If loading, choose whether to register nodes or connectors.
    All connectors Automatically register all enclosed connectors (displayed or undisplayed), to the loaded morph volumes.
    Displayed connectors Automatically register displayed enclosed connectors to the loaded morph volumes.
    Do not register any connectors Connectors are not automatically registered to the loaded morph volumes.
    Register nodes Automatically assign mesh nodes to the loaded morph volumes.
  7. Click Save or Load.