Inspect Midmesh

Use the Midmesh: Inspect tool to view/fix nodes deviating from the middle of the geometry, such as Nodes off middle, Nodes off solid edges, Nodes out of solid, Edges off solid edges, and Element centers off middle. The fix corrects the mesh to the mid by node movement or splitting elements.

  1. From the 2D ribbon, click the Midmesh > Inspect tool.
    Figure 1.

  2. On the guide bar, click to define inspection options and specify the allowable mesh deviation from the mid.
  3. Select source geometry.
  4. Click the Midmesh selector, then select the midmesh entities to inspect.
  5. Find the nodes, edges, and elements above the specified threshold that deviate from the midmesh and create node/element sets for further handling.
    1. Click Find on the guide bar.
    2. Review the identified deviation(s) from the mid by clicking or .

      Identified issues are auto-selected for fixing.

    3. Increase or decrease the number of layers around found elements by clicking or .
    4. Use the legend in the top-right corner of the modeling window to control the display state of individual check types.
    5. To view all problem clusters, click . To select different source geometry or midmesh entities, click Back.
  6. Fix midmesh problems in the following ways:
    • Click Fix on the guide bar to fix all the displayed clusters.
      Note: After clicking Fix, identified element cluster sets are cleared.
    • Hover over issues in the modeling window then left-click to fix them one by one.

      The cursor will display a check mark next to it when an issue can be corrected.

Options for Detecting Midmesh Issues

Access the following options by clicking on the Midmesh: Inspect tool guide bar.

Nodes off middle
Finds all node cluster which are deviated from mid
Figure 2.

Nodes off solid edge
Finds all node cluster which are deviated from solid edge
Figure 3.

Nodes out of solids
Finds all node cluster which are deviated out of solid. These issues do not have auto-fix and hence they are grouped under unfixable problems.
Figure 4.

Edges off of solid edge
Finds all edge clusters which are deviated from solid edge.
Figure 5.

Element centers off middle
Finds all element clusters whose centers are deviated from mid
Figure 6.