Perform Bulk Operations on Notes

  1. From the Annotate tools, click the Notes tool.
    Figure 1.

    Note: Some of the operations can be done without entering the Notes tool.
  2. Set the entity type as Notes.
  3. Click on a note to select it.
    Note: Multi-select notes using window selection or Ctrl+left mouse clicks.
  4. After the selection is complete, move the notes around the screen using drag and drop on one of the selected notes.
  5. To perform bulk action on all displayed notes, skip the selection and simply right-click in an empty space.
  6. Set note colors using one of the coloring modes from the context menu.
  7. Set the note rotation angle for selected or all notes.
  8. Use one of the arrangement methods available in the context menu.
    See Arrange Notes in the Modeling Window for additional information.
  9. Bulk edit all or selected notes using the floating Entity Editor (right-click and select Edit from the context menu to open).