Hotspot Finder

Use the Hotspot Finder tool to find critical regions of your model based on a plotted result, filter the entities based on selection set, threshold values, minimum separation, and load cases. In addition, you can plot the search results with annotations and selective amount of details displayed on screen.

From the Query tools, click the Hotspot tool.
Figure 1.

The Hotspot Finder guide bar is displayed.
Figure 2.

The Hotspot Finder helps you to find critical regions of your model based on a plotted result (in the HyperView - MultiCore profile, the search can be based on any cached result definition, it does not have to be plotted). The results based on nodes, elements, components and systems are supported with this feature. This feature also lists the search results of the hotspots, along with views created to facilitate viewing of hotspots.
Tip: It is helpful for visualization if the model is already loaded, and a result is plotted using the Contour panel.
The images below show the sample results of Hotspot Finder along with a results table and annotation features.
Figure 3. Hotspot Finder Search Results

Figure 4. Viewing Hotspots in Various Ways

Figure 5. Table Listing of the Hotspot Search Results

The Hotspot Finder dialog allows you to change the hotspot search criteria and the note formatting, color, and placement preferences.

Open the Hotspot Finder dialog by clicking on the guide bar.

Figure 6. Hotspot Finder Dialog

Figure 7. Hotspot Finder Dialog in the HyperView - MultiCore Profile with option to choose contour definition

The Search Criteria tab provides an option to make a certain selection of components, elements, nodes, materials, properties, assemblies, or systems. It also provides a way to ignore a certain configurations of elements types from the hotspot search. Further, the hotspots can be filtered using a threshold value to be used with criteria such as greater than, less than, within range or out of range. To make sure that the hotspot search results are not all coming from same region of the model, you can also set a minimum separation between hotspots. After that, you can select to choose how many hotspots you want to look at from the top and/or bottom of the list.

The Preference tab allows you to change the note formatting, location, and content settings. Additionally, you can also set the transparency level and focus region size that applies to some of the view modes of hotspot.

There are several operations that you can do to customize your hotspot search using the available options in the Search Criteria and Preferences tabs.