Importing Models

In order to read in systems from the library, the MDL file should meet the following conditions:
  • It should be an exported MDL file (not a model MDL file).
  • It should contain wizard selection information in the form of the *BeginWizardSelections block.
  • The system selection information in the MDL file should match with the variable names of the system specified in the model wizard file.

To import a model:

  1. From the File menu select Import > Model.
  2. From the Import Model dialog, locate and select a relevant MDL file to import using the Select file browser.

    MotionView will verify the validity of the file and may automatically disable or select relevant options.

  3. Select from the available Import Options:
    Data and wizard selections To build a model using the wizard library and use the data in the provided the MDL file.
    Data only To use the data in the provided MDL file over the existing model in memory. A relevant model should have been loaded in order to use this option successfully.
    Wizard selections only To build a model using the wizard library without overwriting any default data.
    Load data from Excel(*.slk) file To load data from an Excel *.slk file.
  4. Click the Import button.
    Attention: If the model is built from the library, the current model in memory is erased and a new model is created.
Tip: You can also drag and drop the model file directly into MotionView.