Assembly Wizard

Click on the Assemble icon to display the Assembly Wizard.
Figure 1. Assembly Wizard Dialog

The Assembly Wizard dialog consists of a series of pages where you can make selections for systems necessary to assemble the model.
Figure 2. Assembly Wizard Dialog System Selections

Click on Next to navigate to the next page until the last page shows Finish.
Figure 3. Assembly Wizard Dialog Last Panel

Upon finish, the selected systems are imported into an empty MotionView session.

There is also an option to select Attachments before Finish.
Figure 4. Attachment Wizard Dialog

Note: The Attachment option would be active if there were more than one choice available for any system. The attachments can also be changed through the Attachments Wizard (drop-down under the Wizards group) after the model has been built.

Once the systems are imported, the model can be further edited like any other regular MotionView model. Upon saving, the wizard choices are saved to the MDL.

Assemble a Model

  1. From the MotionView Model menu, select Assembly Wizard.
    The Assembly Wizard dialog is displayed.
  2. Move through the dialogs using Next and Back, selecting the model type, properties, and attachments.
  3. Click Finish.
    The completed model is displayed in the graphic window.