Imported Temperature

Allows importing temperature at various points of the model for various load steps.

  1. In the project tree, open the thermal imported Analysis Workbench.
  2. Browse to the desired .csv file in the File Explorer.
  3. Click Open.
    The imported loads are mapped at points specified in the .csv . The points can be mapped not just on the surface but also inside the part.
The .csv file contains one header row and one or more additional data rows. Data values are as follows.
Imported temperature .csv file format fields:
  • ID (optional) – Alphanumeric value. Used to identity a specific point.
  • X, Y and Z – Numeric values. Spatial location used to map temperature to the nearest point on a face.
  • Temperature1, Temperature2,…TemperatureN – Numerical value. T1, T2,…TN is also acceptable. Temperature at various load steps.
Example .csv file:
Note: Imported file follows the input units set in SimSolid.