Plot Results from Legend

Change properties directly in the legend to drive result plotting and change data type, component, layer, averaging method, and so on. This is possible in contour, vector, tensor, and marker plot legends.

  • Since the plot is updated instantaneously with each change, this process is best for making quick changes to the plot. For larger results or if multiple changes are required before creating the plot, it is recommended you use the guide bar/Entity Editor workflow instead. See Create, Edit, and Assign Custom Legends for more information on this workflow.
  • The system can be set to a specific user and the user system ID will be shown in the legend. However, the user system ID cannot be selected in the legend.
  1. In the modeling window, hover over the title area of the legend.
    Properties in the title area are underlined.
  2. Click on the desired item.
    A search bar and drop-down menu listing available options displays.
  3. Using the search bar or drop-down menu, find and select the desired option.
    The plot is instantly updated.