Results Browser

Use the Results Browser to review and manage results and plots.

The Results Browser contains a detailed view of result resources, existing plot definitions, and custom legends. It conveniently provides access to several actions and can be accessed several ways:
  • Automatically after a result file is imported
  • By double-clicking Results or Plots in the Model Browser.
  • From the Post ribbon, by clicking the Results tool.
    Figure 1.

Each imported file is shown under the main result root as a resource.

Each load case (and simulation step) is listed under the pertinent resource it belongs to.

Use the Results Browser to:

  • Update the current load case and step by double-clicking a new load case.
  • Create a derived load case by right-clicking on any result or load case.
  • Display or clear a plot by clicking on its icon.
  • Modify plot definitions using the Entity Editor.
  • Duplicate a plot definition by right-clicking on a plot.
  • Create a legend by right-clicking in open space.
  • Duplicate a legend by right-clicking on a legend.
  • Import a legend from an .xml file or export any legend.
  • Modify legends using the Entity Editor.