Change the Tensor Size

After you have applied tensor settings to a model, you can change the tensor display by scaling the size of the tensor. The size scaling only applies to the normal components (XX, YY, ZZ). Shear components are drawn inside, proportional to the element size.
  1. From the Plot tools, click the Tensor tool.
    Figure 1.
  2. From the Tensor panel, click the Display tab (located in the middle of the panel).
  3. Select an option from the Size scaling drop-down menu and enter in a value.
    By Magnitude The tensor size is displayed relative to the value of the tensors.

    Scale value allows you to increase or decrease the size according to a scaling value.

    Normalize The tensor is stretched or reduced according to the element size so that the largest component fits in the element.
    Note: This is set as the default with a value of 1.
    By Setting this allows you to increase or decrease the scale factor, which in turn affects the length of the arrows.
    Restriction: This option is only active when By magnitude is chosen.
    The options are automatically applied to the model as you enter information.