Select an Existing Entity Using the Entity Collector

  1. From a MotionView panel, double-click on a collector, .
    The "Select an Entity" dialog is displayed with the current entity highlighted.
  2. From the list tree, select a folder or entity that corresponds to the current collector.
    If you select a folder, the entity list displays the entities in the selected folder. When you select a folder that does not match the current collector type, no entities are listed.

    If you select an entity, properties of the selected entity that reference entities of the selectable type are listed on the right. For instance, if you activate the entity selector through a point collector and then select a body in the tree list on the left, the entity list on the right displays those properties of a body which are references to points, specifically, the cg.

  3. Select an entity from the list.
  4. Click OK.
    The entity label appears next to the collector.

    If an entity has not been selected, Unresolved appears in the collector text box. Once you supply the required data by selecting an entity from the collector, the text box displays the entity name.