3D curve: definition (structure)


The entity 3D curve is defined by:

  • a name and a comment (optional)
  • a quantity on the X axis (path, 3D grid, I/O parameter)
  • a quantity on the Y axis (2D grid, I/O parameter)
  • One or more quantities on the Z axis


The user gives the name permitting the identification of the 3D curve during its creation.

A comment (optional) can be added to the name.

Types of 3D curves

The proposed 3D curves types and the characteristics necessary for their description are presented in the tables below.

Type Axe X Axe Y Axe Z
3D curve (2D grid) component 1 of the 2D grid component 2 of the 2D grid Local quantities
3D curve (2 I/O parameters)


I/O parameter


I/O parameter

I/O parameters / sensors
3D curve (path + I/O parameter) path I/O parameter Local quantities