Altair Material Datacenter (AMDC)

AMDC is a comprehensive material database maintained by Altair and partner suppliers of engineering materials. Ready-to-use, Flux-compatible models may be obtained directly from this database for a growing number of materials.


Altair provides its user with a comprehensive material database containing physical properties, constitutive relations, and ready-to-use models for a broad spectrum of engineering applications.

This database is known as Altair Material Datacenter (AMDC). It contains a growing list of materials and their models that are useful for electromagnetic and Multiphysics simulations with Flux.

AMDC is maintained by Altair in cooperation with recognized material suppliers. These partners provide, verify, and approve the material data and models that are made available in the database. For further details, please refer to AMDC’s online page and documentation

Altair Material Datacenter materials for Flux

Of course, users may create a material in a Flux project manually by using the data provided in Altair Material Data Center.

Moreover, AMDC may also export a PyFlux command representing a ready-to-use material model that may be easily included in a Flux project.

For now, this feature is available for:

  • Hard magnetic materials (magnets), provided by BOMATEC.
  • Soft magnetic materials (electrical steels): to be added soon to AMDC.

Exporting a material model from Altair Material Datacenter to a Flux project

As mentioned above, AMDC may be used to generate the PyFlux script representing the material model in Flux. For details on how to perform this export, please refer to AMDC’s documentation.