Geometry : Modeler (3D)


The modeling of a device with the Flux software is composed by several stages:

  • Description of the geometry
  • Description of the mesh
  • Description of the physics
  • Solving the model
  • Post processing results

This chapter concerns the firs step “Description of the geometry” exclusively for Flux 3D. A tool of construction has been added to improve significantly the description of the geometry for users. This tool is a Modeler which contains several functionalities allowing manipulating objects like it'is the case in the CAD word. The Flux Modeler uses the ACIS kernel of Spatial (Dassault Systemes).

Differents functionalities allow for user :

  • build 3D objects 3D (primitives, boolean operations, fillet, chamfer, symmetry…)
  • build 3D objects from a 3D profile (using the 2D Sketcher + extrusion)
  • import heal and simplify CAD files

Movie examples

Several movies using the functionalities of the modeler are available.

Build an Induction Motor with the modeler.

  • Create cylinders
  • Subtraction
  • Cut
  • Chamfers
  • Union, chamfer …

Build an Linear actuator with the modeler.

  • Primitives
  • Chamfers, fillets
  • Sketch + extrusion
  • Parameterizing
  • Symetries, translation etc.
  • Union, assembly …

Build a simple Induction Motor

  • Creating sketches of the 2D view + extrusion
  • Making assembly, union …

Import a CAD files, simplify and defeature

  • import a CAD geometry
  • detection and simplification of small entities (point, line, face)
  • defeaturing (hole, fillet, chamfer)
Old Project converted in object to complete the geometry in the modeler Movie