2D sketcher: « Measure » tool


In the sketcher it is possible to measure :

  • a distance between two points
  • a line segment length
  • a line arc length

The information is given graphically and also in the Exit .

Measure point-point

The measure option for the distance between two existing points returns the following information:

D, Dx and Dy

It is possible to consider a free point on the graph for the measure option. In this case, the information returned is only graphic, as the python command requires that a point should be a Flux geometry point.

Measure of a segment

The measure option for a segment is a graphic shortcut to obtain the measure point (point related to the two extremity points of the segment). Therefore, the same information is obtained D, Dx and Dy.

Measure of an arc

The measure option for an arc gives the following information:

Radius, Angle, curvilinear abscissa and the coordinates of the center point

The coordinates of the center point are not graphically displayed to prevent graphic crowding.