2D sketcher: graphic functionalities


The graphic functions are implemented to improve the ergonomics and use of the 2D sketcher:

  • the zoom selection
  • the selection to move the graphic window
  • the displaying filters
  • the magnetization grid
  • the direction lines


The zoom selection is standard and available in the menu Display/View or via their corresponding icon:

  • Framing : permits the user to adapt the zoom so as to visualize all the geometry
  • Reducing / Augmenting : equivalent to the role of the adjusting mouse wheel
  • Augmenting a zone: zoom over one zone by framing it.

Move the graphic window

The displacement of the window of visualization of the graph can be done :

  • By click right maintained + displacement of the mouse
  • By positioning the cursor of the mouse on one of the sides of the graphic window for several seconds: the window moves automatically.

    This automatic motion is also usable during the creation or the displacement of a selection of entity.

Les filtres d'affichage

It is possible to adjust the displaying filters, via the menu Display/View or via their corresponding icon, to display or not graphic elements:

  • Axes of the global coordinate system
  • the points
  • the coordinate systems
  • the entities of reference (point and line)
  • the grid

The grid

The grid is a graphic aid for all the operations of creation and displacement of the entities.

It permits the user to magnetize the cursor on the coupling points defined by three levels :

  • Length of a cell of the grid (10 by default)
  • Number of subdivision by cell (10 by default)
  • Number of points of magnetization by subdivision (10 by default)

The parameters of the grid are accessible by the menu Options → Edit.

The grid is also configurable in user options (preferences) accessible from the supervisor. The user can choose the sketcher grid dimension adapted with his usually projects.

The magnetization of the grid can be activated or not :

  • By editing the box of option and by modifying the field Activation of the magnetization of the grid by yes or not
  • By using the shortcut by the icon available in toolbar

The direction lines

The direction lines are graphic aids available for the creation and displacement of a selection of entities automatically detected. As well as the magnetization of the grid, it is possible to magnetize on:

  • Principal direction lines : horizontal and vertical direction
  • Detected direction lines : horizontal and vertical direction detecting the existing points and the center of lines (segment and arc)
  • Orthogonal direction lines (only for the creation of a polyline) corresponding to the directions at 0° and 90° in relation to the previous segment. These directions are accessible by using the key SHIFT during the creation of a polyline.