2D sketcher: edition functionalities


The edition functionalities are available in the menu Edition and they refer to:

  • selection
  • copy / cut / paste operations
  • Cancel the action ( = Undo)
  • Deletion

Selection of entities

The selection of the entities can be made :

  • Starting from the data tree: one type only of entity can be selected in multi-selection (key Ctrl)


  • Directly on the graph: no restriction to one type only of entity.

    It is possible to select:

    • an entity « Point » or « Line » individually by clicking on the entity
    • several entities by clicking on each using the key CTRL (shortcut can be equally used to deselect the entities).
    • several entities by framing them using the selection rectangle .

Once the selection is made, the entities will appear highlighted.

To clear the selection, click on the graph to do-nothing

or to pass to another selection.

It is also possible to select all the entities of the geometry by using the shortcut CTRL+A or the command Select all available in the menu Edition

Rectangle selection

The selection rectangle operates by framing the entities to be selected.

It is not a command to be activated; it is available in any activated mode.

To use the selection rectangle simply frame the desired entities.

Useful shortcuts :

  • It is possible to make the multiple selection rectangle by using the key CTRL after you have made a first selection rectangle in order to make a second one
  • It is also possible to include the selection rectangle entities, which are partially in the frame of selection, by using the key SHIFT during the selection. This permits the user, for example, to select an assembly of lines without having to frame them entirely.


After having operated a selection, it is possible to:

  • Copy and paste: permitting it to duplicate a selection of an entity by choosing its location with a click on the graph
  • Cut and paste: permitting the selection of an entity and to replace it by choosing its location with a click on the graph

The standard keyboard shortcuts are implemented:

  • Copy : CTRL+C
  • Cut : CTRL+X
  • Paste : CTRL+V

Copy/Cut/Past: some rules

Some rules for using the operations Copy/Cut/Paste :

  • The parameterized entities selected to Copy/Cut or Cut/Paste will no longer be parameterized after the operation Paste because the location is no longer in conformity with the formulas defining the coordinates of the parameterized points.
  • The propagated entities Copy/Paste or Cut/Paste will no longer be linked by propagation to their entities of origin. They become independent entities.

Cancel the action

The command Undo permits the user to cancel the action previously performed.

The function of this command is identical to the function Undo of the Flux standard context.

The use of the sketcher permits the user to rapidly perform several graphic actions, the function Cancel is very useful in this context.


The function Delete is available with the sketcher and is different from the commands Delete and Delete in force available in the standard Flux context.

It permits the user to suppress :

  • Any links with other entities once the selection of entities is chosen
  • entities of different types (Point and Line)