Predefined computations

Definition: reminder

Predefined computations are computations of global quantities dependent on the activated physic application.

It can be a question of:

  • the magnetic force Fm, magnetic torque Γm, magnetic energy Wm, etc. in case of a magnetic application
  • the electrostatic force Fe, electrostatic torque Γe, electrostatic energy We, etc. in case of a electric application
  • the heat flux, etc. in case of a thermal application
Note: Global quantities are the quantities that result from the integration of local quantities on the entire or only a part of the computation domain. A detailed list of the predefined global quantities available for each physical application is presented in the paragraph concerning the analysis of results of activated physical application:

Magnetic applications: principles

Electric applications: principles

Thermal applications: principles


The predefined calculations can be carried out in two ways:

  • directly: by the command Predefined calculations in the Advanced menu
  • indirectly: by using a sensor

Predefined computations

The predefined computations (energy, force, torque, etc.) are presented in the table below. They are dependent on activated physical application.

Computations Description
Computation domain
Magnetic force / Electrostatic force volume / face / line region
Magnetic torque / Electrostatic torque volume / face / line region

+ rotation axis

(direction / pivot point)

Magnetic energy / Electrostatic energy

volume region

face region

line region

entire domain

Losses by Joule effect
Flux through a coil conductor stranded coil conductor

Predefined computations and IB

To compute on the entire domain:

if there is an infinite box, then the computation takes it into account, the quantities are computed “to the infinity”.

Predefined computations and symmetries / periodicities

In the presence of symmetries/periodicities:

computations are performed for the part of the device represented in the computation domain, except the computation of Flux through a coil conductor, which takes into account the symmetries / periodicities (see § Multiplying coefficient for computation of flux through coils).


predefined calculation is stored as an entity in the tree of the general data in the entity type Result of calculation under the root of the Postprocessing repertory

Note: For a predefined calculation carried out "indirectly", the associated sensor must be evaluated and then its result must be created so that the calculation be stored in Result. These two operations to carry out are described in the section management of sensors