Operation sensor


The operation sensor allows to apply a mathematics operator (average, minimum, etc.) on a spatial quantity computed on a spatial support.

Note: A detailed list of the predefined spatial quantities available for each physical application is presented in the paragraph concerning the analysis of results of activated physical application.


For each scenario step, the following operator, applied on the selected quantity and support, is computed:

  • Average
  • Maximum
  • Sum
  • Minimum
  • Integral: the integral computation done by the operation sensor is equivalent to the integral sensor.
  • Distribution: the distribution gives in result the percentage of mesh elements having a quantity value between the minimum and maximum values given by user

Operation sensor

To make an operation sensor computation, user has to define:

  • an operator
  • a support
  • a spatial formula: The formula is the formula with spatial quantities. It can be a scalar or a vector.
  • A computation method

About supports

For the operation sensor computation, it is necessary for Flux to identify to which physical region belongs the support. So, for geometric entities (line, face, and volume) it is necessary to associate a physical region.

Attention: For a computation on grid (2D, 3D) or on cut plane, the physical region can not be associated. Those supports have to be created inside physical regions, avoiding regions frontier.

About computing method

The computing method allows defining where the computation is done exactly.

User can choose one of the following methods:

  • At mesh nodes
  • At Gauss points of elements

Automatic: in this case, the operators: minimum, maximum, average and sum are computed at mesh nodes. The integral and distribution operators are computed at Gauss points of elements.

Operation computation and IB

To compute on the entire domain:

if there is an infinite box, then the computation does not take it into account, the quantities are computed only on the finite domain.


An operation calculation is stored under the shape of an entity in the tree of the general data in the entity type Result of calculation under the root of the Postprocessing directory.

Note: For a calculation of the operator carried out "indirectly", the sensor associated must be evaluated and then its result must be created so that the calculation be stored in Result.