Harness Description List (KBL) Specification

Cable harnesses are becoming increasingly complex with innovations in the automotive industry. Import a complex cable harness from a .kbl file using the harness description list (KBL) specification.

The following KBL1 entities are supported:
  • Coordinates
  • Cartesian_point
  • Node
  • Segment
  • Routing
  • Cable paths
  • Cross sections
  • Cable harnesses
  • Contact_points
  • Connector_occurrance
  • Special_terminal_occurrence
  • Component_box_occurrence
  • Reference_Components
  • Cross sections are read as single conductors and media properties are ignored.
  • CADFEKO supports only a subset of the v2.3 KBL format.
  • No manufacturing information, material information or proprietary information is parsed from the .kbl file.
1 Kabelbaumliste, the German translation for harness description list.