Math Functions in CADFEKO

View the list of supported math functions.

Shortcut Key Description
ABS Absolute value
ARCCOS Arccosine (radians)
ARCCOT Arccotangent (radians)
ARCSIN Arcsine (radians)
ARCTAN Arctangent (radians)

Arctangent of Y/X in the range -PI to PI

Syntax: ATAN2(X,Y)

CEIL Smallest integer value that is equal or greater than the argument
COS Cosine (radians)
COSH Hyperbolic cosine (radians)
COT Cotangent (Radians)
DEG Convert radians to degrees
EXP Exponential function
FLOOR Largest integer value that is equal to or smaller than the argument

Resulting reminder of a/b.

Syntax: FMOD(a, b)

IMAG Determines the imaginary component

Computes the natural logarithm

Syntax: LN(a)

Example: LN(trace1) where trace1 is a trace in the result palette.

LOG Computes logarithm base 10

Returns the largest of the two arguments

Syntax: MAX(a, b)


Returns the smallest of the two arguments

Syntax: MIN(a, b)


Point creation

Syntax: PT(x, y, z)

RAD Convert degrees to radians
SIN Sine (Radians)
SINH Hyperbolic sine (Radians)
SQRT Square root

Step function

Syntax: STEP(X) = 0 for X <= 0 and STEP(X) = 1 for X > 0

TAN Tangent (Radians)
TANH Hyperbolic tangent (radians)

Predefined Variables

Table 1. List of predefined variables.
Variable Description
c0 The speed of light in free space in m/sec.
eps0 The permittivity of free space in F/m.
mu0 The permeability of free space in H/m.
pi The mathematical constant (Ludolph’s number).
zf0 The characteristic impedance of free space in Ohm.