Defining Media

Define a medium with specific material properties, import a predefined medium from the media library or add a medium from your model to the media library.

Note: Only passive media are supported. Passive media can be either lossless or lossy.1
The following media types are supported:
  1. Dielectric
  2. Metal
  3. Layered dielectric (isotropic and anisotropic)
  4. Impedance sheet
  5. Characterised surface
  6. Windscreen layer
  7. Anisotropic medium (3D)
Media are displayed in the model tree. This includes user-defined media and media added from the media library.
Figure 1. The media definitions in the model tree

The colour square next to each medium entry indicates the colour that is used to display the medium in the 3D view as well as in POSTFEKO. To change the display colour, click the dielectric in the model tree and from the right-click context menu, select Change display colour.

Predefined Media

Predefined media are available by default in CADFEKO and includes Perfect electric conductor, Perfect magnetic conductor and Free space.
Figure 2. The predefined media in the model tree

Tip: Edit the properties of free space if the model is inside an infinite medium.
1 A lossless passive medium allows fields to pass through the medium without attenuation. In a lossy passive medium, a fraction of the power is transformed to heat, as an example.