Validating the CADFEKO Model

During the design process, the development of a model can introduce a range of issues that can lead to a non-simulation-ready model. Use the validation toolset to verify that the model is simulation-ready or to search, detect and flag discrepancies.

Use the validation toolset to verify the following:
  • Fix the settings of an item in the model that is unresolved or invalid (suspect item).
  • Verify that the windscreen is defined correctly by viewing the thickness of the individual layers.
  • Verify that the mesh is connected.
  • Use display options to colour regions and faces according to their media.
  • Use display options to highlight the relevant geometry with a specified solution method.
  • Search for clashing geometry.
  • Search for distorted, intersecting and oversized mesh elements.
  • Use cutplanes to cut through a model to view inside the model.