Workflow for Analysing Cables

The general process is explained for setting up a complete cable analysis.

  1. Define a cable instance.
    1. Define the cable type or the cable cross section (for example, a cable bundle).
    2. [Optional] Define the cable shield.
    3. Define the cable path.
    4. Define the start connector and end connector.
    5. Define the cable instance.
  2. Define the cable harness.
    1. Specify the relevant cable path and view the cable instances routed along this path.
    2. Specify the solution method for the outer cable problem.
    3. Specify the cable coupling parameters.
  3. Open the cable schematic view for each harness.
    1. Add the circuit elements (for example, resistors, capacitors, inductors, SPICE circuits, ports, ground) and connect the connector pins to the circuit elements.
  4. Define the sources, loads and requests.
    1. Add sources and loads to the cable ports.
    2. Add schematic probes, cable probes or S-parameter requests to request results.