SS-V: 1220 Displacements in Hemispherical Shell

Test No. VS23 Find displacements in a hemispherical shell.


Figure 1.

Boundary Conditions
Point E
Zero displacement
Edge AE
Symmetry about ZX plane
Edge CE
Symmetry about YZ plane
All other displacements on edge AC are free. Concentrated radial loads of 2 KN outwards at A and inwards at C.
The material properties are:
Young's Modulus
68.25e3 MPa
Poisson's Ratio


The following table summarizes the displacement results.
Reference1 SimSolid % Difference
Displacement at A along x-axis 0.185 m 0.1862 m ~0.6
1 Test LE3 from NAFEMS Publication NNB, Rev. 3, NAFEMS Linear Benchmarks, 5 Oct 1990