The purpose and format of the SimSolid verification problems document.

See the Product Introduction for additional information about SimSolid's unique approach to structural analysis.


These verification problems demonstrate the theoretical robustness of the SimSolid software product across a range of typical solution domains. Comparisons are made against well-known reference solutions. Please note that while many reference solutions are based on closed form solutions with simplifying assumptions, SimSolid solves all domains with full 3D models. This sometimes leads to ambiguity about boundary condition handling.

The problems also illustrate the format of typical SimSolid product inputs and outputs. However, this document is not intended to be used as a training manual.

This document assumes a basic understanding of analysis software systems including how to define loads, constraints, materials and specify units.

Tests are provided in six sections that cover Statics, Modal, Thermal, Thermal Loading, Non-linear and Dynamics solutions.


In this document, tests are labeled using the format V<x><nn> where <x> is S, M, T, TL, NL or D and <nn> is the test number. Each test is documented with the following:
  • Problem description - provides geometry, loading, constraints, material properties and units used (SI or IPS)
  • Reference Solution - reference results are provided along with their relevant source
  • SimSolid Results - SimSolid results with a comparison to the reference solution
  • Supporting Figures & Results - appropriate figures, tables, graphs, and SimSolid results plots are provided to illustrate the test
  • Unless noted, all problems are run using SimSolid standard solution settings