Apply Local Solution Settings

Apply solution settings to groups of parts in the assembly.

  1. In the Project Tree, right-click Solution settings and choose Edit.
    This is already set to Custom solution settings.
  2. Specify the Max number of adaptive solutions.
    Note: This rarely needs to be higher than 6.
  3. Click the Create drop-down and select one of the following options.
    To createDo this
    New group Manually select one or more parts from the modeling window and create a local group.
    Group by part volume Automatically creates local group for the parts and groups based on its relative volume. Part volume grouping is automatically done based on the total volume of the assembly. The parts that account for the 10 percent of the total volume are grouped together. For example, the top 10 percent go into group 1, 10-20 percent in group 2 and so on.
    Tip: You can also select parts from the Project Tree.
  4. Optional: Click the Adapt to features check box.
  5. Optional: Click the Adapt to thin solids check box.
  6. Specify Refinement level.
  7. Optional: Check Apply to all groups to apply the chosen settings to all available groups.
    Note: Apply to all groups option is available only if there is more than one group.
  8. Click Apply.