Class SimulationParameters()

SimulationParameters(parent='MODEL', name='simPara', label='SimPara')

Model simulation parameters.

Keyword Arguments

Argument Data Type Description Default
h3d_stress_option Enum Stress format in H3D file. One of None, Tensor or Direct. Tensor
dzero Double Output displacements less than this value are set to be equal to zero. 1e:10
implicit_diff_tol Double The tolerance for implicit differential equations (for example Contol_Diff when is_implicit=true). 1e=6
init_pos_mrf String Defaults to ''. * end_time (Double) : The simulation end time. Defaults to 5. * write_mrf (Enum) : The result are written to an mrf file when true. One of TRUE, FALSE. TRUE
no_req_id Bool The REQ/id is not appended to output when true. False
harwell_lib String Defaults to 'MA48'. * write_h3d_end_time (Double) : The end time for h3d export. 0.01
log_option String Defaults to 'Overwrite'. * write_abf (Bool) : Plot results are written to an abf file if true. True
prefix_body_label Bool Prefix output label for force output on body. False
export_mdl_snapshot Bool A copy of the the mdl model as submitted to the solver is saved if true. TRUE
analysis_type Enum The simulation type. One of Transient,Static,Quasi:static,Assembly,Linear, Static+Transient,Static+Linear,User Control. Transient
plt_angle Enum The format for angular results. One of YAW_PITCH_ROLL, EULER_ANGLES. YAW_PITCH_ROLL
write_log Enum A log file is written if true. One of TRUE, FALSE. TRUE
write_h3d_start_time Double The start time for h3d export. 0.01
contact_temp_warning Bool Defaults to False. * default_run_dir (File) : ''
inc_geom_non_lin Bool The geometric stiffening effects are included if true. True
print_interval Double The time interval between two subsequent exports of the results to the output files 0.01
plot_unique_time Enum The result data per time output in the ABF and PLT files when there is more than one result available at a given time. One of FIRST, LAST, ALL. LAST
flex_vel_acc_output Bool The velocity and the acceleration output for flexible bodies during a MotionSolve run when True. False
use_h3d_start_time Bool Use the start time of writing results into an .h3d file when True. False
h3d_format_option Enum The H3D file format. One of Modal, Nodal, Auto. Auto
switch_on Bool Write debug information when True. False
azero Double Lower threshold for output accelerations, they are set to zero below this. 1e:10
stat_anim Bool An animation is generated at each iteration (use with single Static simulation only) when True. False
fzero Double Lower threshold for forces, they are set to zero below this. 1e:10
dsa_type Enum Need input. 'NONE'
write_h3d Bool An animation file is written in .h3d format when True. True
use_run_panel_values Bool Set to True when a simulation script exists in the model in the form of Template or CommandSets. Setting this True prevents MotionView from exporting the Simulate command (Simulation type, End time, and Print Interval) from the Run Solver panel to the solver deck. True
use_init_pos_mrf Bool Defaults to False. * use_h3d_end_time (Bool) : If true, h3d results will be written up to h3d_end_time. False
capture_max_pd Bool An extra output is introduced between two time steps when the penetration depth is larger than both of the time steps when True. True
write_h3d_increment Int The increment at which h3d results are written out. 1
constr_tol Double The accuracy to which the system configuration and motion constraints are to be satisfied at each step. 1e:10.
num_threads Int Number of CPU cores to be used when multiple cores are available. This is particularly helpful in parallelizing computations in the case of Contact simulation. :1
contact_gra_output Bool Contact force vector animation in the .h3d file when True. True
vzero Double Lower threshold for velocity, they are set to zero below this. 1e:10
write_tab Bool Defaults to 'TRUE'. * h3d_strain_option (Enum) : The strain format in H3D file. One of None, Tensor. 'Tensor'
write_maf Bool A maf file is written which can be loaded as a model in HyperView to view results with .mrf when True. False
write_plt Enum A plt plot file is written when TRUE. One of TRUE, FALSE. 'TRUE'
write_oml Enum Writes the A, B, C and D matrices that are calculated in simulink MDL format when YES. One of YES or NO. 'NO'
write_simulinkmdl Enum Writes out the A,B,C and D matrices that are calculated into a file that can be read in by Altair Twin Activate/Compose when YES. One of YES or NO. 'NO'
anim_scale Double The animation scale. Used for linear analysis to set the scale factor for the modal animation. 1
write_eig_info Enum Writes the eigenvalue and eigenvector data to a .eig file when YES. One of YES, NO. 'YES'
write_matlabfiles Enum Writes out the A,B,C and D matrices that are calculated into a file that can be read in by MATLAB when YES. One of YES, NO. 'NO'
disable_damping Bool Damping is disabled for the linearization solver from all force elements for the eigenvalue solution when True. False
write_energy_dist Enum The modal kinetic energy is written to the solver log file and the _linz.mrf output file when YES. One of YES, NO 'NO'
trans_limit Double Defaults to 100
max_residual Double The upper limit for the change in residual of the system equations at the static equilibrium point. 0.0001
max_fi_tol Double The maximum force imbalance in the equations of motion that is allowed at the solution point. 0.0001
stability Double The fraction of the mass matrix that is to be added to the Jacobian to ensure that it is not singular. 1e:10
max_num_iter Double The maximum number of iterations that are allowed before simulation stops. Defaults to 75. * max_ke_tol (Double) : The maximum allowable residual kinetic energy of the system at the static equilibrium point. 1e:5
max_dq_tol Double The upper limit for the change in system states at the static equilibrium point 0.001
rot_limit Double Defaults to 1.04718. * h0_max (Double) : The maximum initial step size the integrator is allowed to take 1e:8
dae_minit Double The minimum number of iterations that the corrector is allowed to take before it checks for corrector divergence. 0
h_min Double The minimum initial step size the integrator is allowed to take. 1e:6
vel_tol_factor Double The factor that multiplies integr_tol to yield the error tolerance for velocity states. 1000
dae_maxit Int The maximum number of iterations that the corrector is allowed to take to achieve convergence. 4
dae_jacob_init Int Controls the Jacobian matrix evaluation during corrector iterations. 0
dae_index Enum The index of the DAE formulation. One of 1,3. 3
dae_alg_tol_factor Double The tolerance on all algebraic constraint equations that the corrector must satisfy at convergence. 1000
integrator_type Enum The integrator type. One of ABAM, VSTIFF, MSTIFF, DSTIFF. DSTIFF
max_order Int The maximum order that the integrator is to take. 5
dae_eval_expiry Double Defaults to 0. * dae_interpolation (Bool) : True
rel_abs_tol_ratio Double The relative to absolute tolerance ratio. 0.01
dae_constr_tol Double The DAE constraint tolerance. 1e:5
integr_tol Double The maximum absolute error per step that the integrator is allowed in computing the displacement, velocity, and differential equations states. 0.01
dae_vel_ctrl Bool The velocity states are checked for local integration error at each step when True. This option is only available in the case where the DAE index is 1. False
dae_jacob_eval Enum The jacobian evaluation frequency. One of 0,1,2,3. 0
plot_responses Bool Defaults to True. * optimizer_log_level (Enum) : One of Normal,Debug or All. 'Normal'
num_process Double Defaults to 1. * optimizer_method (Enum) : One of "SLSQP","NEWTON ","Nelder:Mead","Powell","CG","BFGS","Newton: CG","L:BFGS:B","TNC","COBYLA","dogleg","trust:ncg". Defaults to 'SLSQP'. * enable_optimizer (Bool) : False
optimizer_dsatypes Double One of "AUTO","ADJOINT","DIRECT","Finite Differencing". 'AUTO'
fdstep Double Finite differencing step size. 1e:6
accuracy Double Defaults to False. 0.001
opt_max_num_iter Double Max number of optimization iterations 75


Modify the simulation parameters for the model.
   >>> # Import mview module
   >>> from hw import mview
   >>> # Get the model handle
   >>> mod = mview.getModel()
   >>> # Change the analysis type to static
   >>> mod.simPara.analysis_type = 'STATIC'
   >>> mod.simPara.analysis_type
   >>> # Change the minimum initial step size the integrator
   >>> mod.simPara.h_min = 1e:5
   >>> mod.simPara.h_min



Returns value of an attribute.


name (str) : Name of the attribute. Defaults to :.


The return value. Return type depends on the attribute type.

setValue(name, value)
Sets value of an attribute.


name str Name of the attribute.
value any Value of the attribute to be set.


Returns True if the value was successfully set else False.

Return type: