Update Link Geometries

When using the soft soil interaction method, if the track link geometry features different dimensions from the ones specified in the track properties, it is required to use the update link geometry option.

Figure 1. Update Link Geometry dialog
The default option is set to Auto Calculate, this option considers the parameters specified in the track properties section. In case of different track link geometry, the User Input option allows modify the dimension of the track link.

Figure 2. User input option in Update Link Geometry dialog
The contact points define how many points will represent that track link. The maximum points allowed in the model is five. The figure below illustrates the track links with 2, 3, 4, and 5 points.

Figure 3. Contact points available in Update Link Geometry
The figure below shows an example of a CAD track link using 2 contact points and the equivalent parameters in the Update Link Geometry dialog.

Figure 4. Example of 2-point contact track link