Rolling Systems

The rolling systems represent the components where the track is usually wrapped around. They are necessary for the track builder to identify the path of the track. The figure below shows the Create rolling system dialog.
Figure 1. Create rolling system dialog

Six different rolling systems are available to be used in the track builder, Sprocket, Double Sprocket, Idler, Roller, Wheel, and Double Wheel.
Sprockets/Double Sprocket
Profiled wheel with teeth, or cogs, that mesh with a track.
A wheel that is used to alter the path of the track or to increase the wrap angle.
A small wheel used to prevent the catenary hang of the track and support the load of the track.
Wheel/ Double Wheel
Transfers the vehicle weight to the track.
The symmetric pair option enables the creation of two rolling systems representing a pair symmetry to the X-Z plane.
Note: The created pair systems are not MotionView pair entities, but systems duplicated and positioned in the symmetric plane. The symmetric pair option is not recommended to represent a double system in the same track, when that representation is needed, use the double sprocket or double wheel instead of single wheel with the symmetric pair option.
The Rolling elements are built as a combination of primitive geometries. The Use CAD/H3D graphics for rolling element option enables adding CAD or H3D Graphics to the rolling system. Based on the symmetric pair option, the CAD graphics can be added in the left of right side of the rolling element.
Note: To properly position CAD graphics in the rolling system, make sure the center of the CAD graphics is positioned at the global origin (0,0,0 in XYZ coordinate) before including in the rolling system.

Mass and inertia for the rolling system are calculated based on the provided geometric dimensions or CAD Graphics. Alternatively, user-defined mass and inertia can be provided using the option User mass, inertia rolling element, in this case the rolling systems bodies must be edited to include the mass and inertia properties.

The properties of the rolling system can be modified in the dataset under the rolling system after the system has been created.